Limpiando Nuestro Patio

Join our 'Limpiando Nuestro Patio' events. These consist of collecting the coasts and green areas of Puerto Rico. The Island faces a major problem with the accumulation of waste in landfills since there is no efficient recycling plan, which is affecting the environment and the different ecosystems.

  • Waste collected: 12,324.04 Lbs

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Every month we organize environmental activities to restore and conserve our natural resources in different towns on the Island. The concept of"Cleaning Our Patio"is a cultural entertainment event, where the public can enjoy of local products and thus also support the collaborators who participate, while carrying an ecological message while cleaning and enjoying the beauty that nature offers us.

We offer the space to merchants, as well as artisans, singers and organizations to exhibit their talents or brand at the event, contributing to its development and the satisfaction of the people who attend. In addition, graduating classes can hold a fundraising event and we certify contact hours.

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