Más Que Fitness

We educate about health, training and nutrition. We provide statistics based on scientific studies and the experience of the best professionals. Developed by James Sierra.


We offer face-to-face and online coaching services. Our coaching is simple, no inventions and no false expectations. All information requested is to be able to adapt to your needs and lifestyle. It is very important for me to know how you feel and that you are satisfied with my training.

Why choose us?

Understanding the situation in which you find yourself allows us to develop an effective action plan through specific coaching for you. You'll get ongoing support 24/7 making sure you're on the right track at all times. We can give you the results you've been looking for through 1-on-1 training or online.

  • Prices

    • 1 session per week: $25

    • 2 sessions per week: $20

    • 3 sessions or more per week: $15

  • Terms

    • 2 weeks

    • 1 month

    • 3 months