Get to know the organic recycling process using the Borikashi Kit

    • Puerto Rican company that empowers its environmental action through organic recycling and support for local, circular and regenerative agriculture.

    • Borikashi Kit

      Now you can recycle your food! Join the compost movement. Your food waste is food for local agriculture with the Borikashi Kit

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    • Compost Bag

      Quality compost for your garden. Prepared from fermented organic waste and vegetative material. Double sieve. From food to food! Made in Puerto Rico.

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    Organic recycling service for business, home and more.

    How to use kit:

    Borikashi kit components

    Food waste is the heaviest and most difficult to manage, especially in the tropics where objectionable odors build up quickly. With the Borikashi Kit and the power of fermentation, we avoid odors and the attraction of rodents. Communities (neighborhoods, urbanizations, apartments and condominiums) will enjoy more hygienic and pleasant maintenance areas.


    Recycling diverts food waste away from landfills and creates compost that nourishes the soil from local agriculture. From your food, food and health are created for Puerto Rico. From the farm to the table, and from the table to the farm.

    Eng. Carlos Pacheco named this virtuous circle “Recicloponía”.